Tips to Help Your Child Find the Best Musical Instrument


Playing a musical instrument can benefit children in many ways. When learning to play an instrument, children build their confidence, learn patience, develop discipline and gain a sense of achievement. However helping a child choose the right instrument for them can be challenging. These tips will help parents explore the available options with their child and ultimately find the right choice for their child’s size and abilities.

Choose an Age-Appropriate Instrument

Very young children do not have the physical skills necessary to play a large instrument or one that requires them to perform more than one action at a time. This is why many young children start with piano or violin. Although there are certainly complicated pieces that could be played on either the piano or violin, they are both easy to learn because even beginners can produce pleasing music. These two instruments are also ideal for teaching music theory to young children. The education they receive while learning to play piano will help them in any other musical training they receive in the future.

Some kids opt to improve their skills on their beginner instrument as they get older. Others want to learn a new instrument. They may be influenced by other children at school or by someone else they saw playing another instrument. It’s important for a child to choose an instrument they can hold and manipulate. Large brass instruments are better for much older kids. By taking a child into a music instrument store in NZ and allowing them to hold the instruments, parents can get a better idea of which might be easiest for their child to hold and play.

Choose an Instrument That is Easy to Learn

If learning to play a new instrument is too hard, many kids will give up before they reach their potential. Children who choose instruments based on social aspects sometimes fall into this trap. They beg their parents to buy musical instruments online in NZ and shortly thereafter decide they don’t really have the skills, or even interest, in playing that instrument. When they choose one that is easy to learn, kids are more likely to continue with their lessons because they will be able to hear the difference in their music with each passing day.

Choose an Instrument the Child Enjoys

Every musical instrument makes a unique sound. Before investing in an instrument, it’s important to ensure the child likes the sound it makes. Some children see instruments in bands or orchestras and want to play one based on the way it looks or how a person appears when they play it. If they don’t hear that particular instrument played by itself, they may later decide they don’t like it and stop practicing. Before purchasing an instrument and music accessories online in NZ, parents could talk to teachers to find out what instruments are available for their child to try out in school.

Choose a Good Instructor

School band teachers may be able to teach music theory and the basics of playing several instruments but they aren’t generally able to help students reach advanced levels. When a child has progressed past the level their school offers, it’s time to start using a private instructor. The amount of tutoring any child needs is based on their goals as well as their interest in the instrument. Parents should not force children to play if they really have no interest.

Whether you are searching for your child’s very first instrument or upgrading them to a more complex one, Zalaxy has something for you. Visit to view their variety of instruments and accessories. If you are unsure which instrument might be right for your child, contact us for advice or a recommendation based on your child’s age and interests. Every child should have the opportunity to play in a band or orchestra. They merely need the right tools and education to get them to the top of their class.


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