5 Tips for Having Fun on the Beach this Summer


The weekend hits and the weather is right, the thought on many people’s minds is usually the beach. There’s just nothing quite like a perfect day at the beach with people you love. But, without a doubt, the best beach days are made up of fun activities, great people, and snacks and beverages to last all day, and these things need to be planned out in advance. By following these five tips, your future beach days will be fun and worry free.

  1. Have the right supplies!

Bringing the right supplies to the beach means that you’ll never run out of things to do. But before you think about packing your games and towels, the first thing you should do is find your sunscreen. No one wants to deal with a painful sunburn after a great day at the beach, and avoiding sunburn is as simple as applying sunscreen early, and often throughout your day. Make sure you choose a sunscreen that is SPF 30 or higher, waterproof, and long lasting. Throw it in your beach bag right away after applying at home, so you don’t forget to reapply later. It’s also a good idea to bring a beach umbrella to provide an escape from those UV rays throughout the day.

Now that we’ve got sun safety covered, we can think about the supplies to have fun on the beach! Easy activities to pack are beach volleyballs, footballs or frisbees. A game of catch is simple and entertaining for everyone, and you can find water friendly options for catch, here.

Another vital supply to your beach day is music. A true, summer beach day is simply not complete without a perfect playlist to accompany it. Bluetooth speakers will make it simple to play directly from your phone, are often waterproof, and are easy to throw into a beach bag. If you need help choosing speakers, take a look at this list of the best portable bluetooth speakers.

  1. Pack the right food

Having plenty of games and music will keep you entertained all day, but don’t forget to pack plenty of snacks and water to keep you fueled up for the day. It can be easy to get dehydrated quickly while in the sun and sand and saltwater, so bring a cooler, if possible, stocked with plenty of water. If you can’t get your hands on a cooler, check to see if your beach has a water fountain nearby where you can fill up water bottles easily throughout the day. If you’re planning on having beach cocktails like these ones, or other alcoholic beverages during your day, you will especially want to make sure you are keeping hydrated with plenty of water.

When you’re thinking about snacks on a beach, try not to pack heavy or rich foods that will have you feeling sluggish. Think light and refreshing food, like chopped vegetables and dip, or crackers with hummus and fruit. Prepacking things like sandwiches will help you save on money from expensive beachside stands, and will hold up in the heat of the day. Take a look at this list of beach friendly foods for more ideas of what to pack.  

  1. Pick the right day

It’s obvious that when there’s a storm or rain in the forecast, you won’t be considering going to the beach. But what about cloudy days or when there’s a chance of rain? You certainly can’t wait all summer for the perfect temperature and cloudless skies, so don’t be afraid to go on a day that is less than perfect. Cloudy days will offer less crowds on the beach and can be a bit cooler to accommodate more beach games.

On beautiful days, make sure you make it to the beach early in the day to scope out the best spot. Perfect days don’t come around every weekend, so don’t let one go by! On less than perfect days, you can still find plenty of activities to do, especially at the right beach. This brings us to the next tip for having fun on the beach.

  1. Find an activity beach

If laying in the sun all day or dipping your toes in the water doesn’t sound appealing to you, you might want to find a beach that has plenty of activities to do. Many beaches will have running or walking paths nearby, parks and playgrounds for the kids, or even extreme sports options like skate parks, surfing or windsurfing. These kinds of beaches can be perfect for large groups who all want to do something different at the beach.

Bring along that volleyball and start up a beach volleyball tournament, or challenge someone to a running race from one end of the beach to the other. You could even spend the day taking a surfing lesson or hire some gear and go snorkeling on a calmer beach. Even if the water isn’t warm enough to swim in or too rough to surf, try your hand at building a sandcastle, or go hunting for treasures in the tide pools.

  1. Go with the right people

Finally, find a fun and happy group of people to go to the beach with. There’s nothing better than a beach day spent with family or friends who all get along and enjoy the same things you do. Remember that all ages can love the beach, so feel free to invite the older friends or family along with the kids of the group. If you’re bringing kids along, this article might be helpful to review before heading out for the day.

Now pack up your beach games and umbrellas, grab some water and snacks on the way, and head to your nearest beach armed with your new tips for having the most fun on the beach this summer!


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